Getting married to Anas wasn’t an overnight decision, Sana Khan

Sana Khan was married to Surat-based businessman Maulana Anas Saiyad in an intimate ceremony and Sana’s sudden wedding to Anas left her fans surprised. However, after wedding, the couple headed to Kashmir for honeymoon and she also shared pictures.

Sana Khan, now known as Saiyad Sana Khan has opened up about her wedding to Anas.

In a recent interview to Bombay Times (BT), Sana said, “Getting married to Anas wasn’t an overnight decision. I have prayed for years for a man like him in my life. What I liked best about him is that he is shareef and unn mein haya hai. He is not judgmental.”

Talking about the trolls who mocked her after marriage, Sana said, “Well, how does my marriage concern anyone? I did not get married for these trolls. My husband is a good man and I find him good-looking, maybe you don’t. I don’t care.”

Anas told BT that he does not care what people think about them as they are very compatible with each other. “I prayed to God that I want to marry Sana and he heard my prayers. I feel that I wouldn’t have been this happy if I had married anybody else. Sana is not full of herself. She is affable, forgiving and has a clean heart. I always wanted a girl who complemented and completed me. People still ask me how I got married to an actress, but yeh chhoti soch ke log hain. It’s my life and no one should comment on it. People are free to think that we are a mismatched couple, but only we know how compatible we are,” Anas was quoted as saying.

Sana revealed that she first met Anas in 2017 in Mecca, where he was introduced to her as an Islamic scholar. They relinked again in 2020.

In Ocotber, Sana Khan announced that she bade-goodbye to showbiz.