I am left alone in this house, Randhir Kapoor on Rajiv's death

Rajiv Kapoor’s death has totally moved Randir Kapoor. He lost four close ones of his family ina span of three yearsand he is totally devastated. In an interview with ET Times, Randhir Kapoor said, "I don't know what's happening. I was equally close to Rishi and Rajiv. I have lost four people from my family--my mother Krishna Kapoor (October 2018), eldest sister Ritu (January 14, 2020), Rishi and now Rajiv. These four were my central core, with whom I did most of my talking."

The 73-year-old actor recalled the day when he lost his youngest brother and told ET Times, "Well, I have a 24-hour nurse since I have a bit of problem in walking due to a nerve related issue. The nurse went to wake him up in the morning at about 7:30 am and he did not respond. She detected that his pulse was very low and dropping further. We rushed him to the hospital but all efforts to save him failed.” 58-year-old Rajiv Kapoor died following a cardiac arrest. 

Randhir Kapoor used to resides with his younger brother Rajiv Kapoor in Chembur but with his passing away, he is left alone. He added, "And, now I am left alone in this house".

Due to coronavirus pandemic, the Kapoor skipped Rajiv Kapoor’s chautha.