I washed my own clothes, did jhadu-pojha too: Hema Malini

Veteran actor and politician Hema Malini narrated her daily routine during quarantine.

Talking about life in self-isolation, Hema Malini said, “It’s a little difficult to understand what to do, how to do. Even at home, our mind used to be totally occupied as we used to think about - we have to go to that function, have this appointment, what dress need to be worn, have to do the packing, catch a flight. I used to go to Delhi to attend the Parliament, then go to Mathura and then go to Mumbai. Now everything is completely cut off.”

The actor said she wasn’t sure till when the Parliament sessions would start. “Modi ji had said that so many medical centres and everybody else are working so hard for the people, why shouldn’t we? He said the Parliament will remain open till March 31 but I think before that only it became a lot serious.”

Talking about her daily schedule in quarantine, Hema said, “When I have to catch a flight, I don’t do yoga or mediation. Now I am getting full time. I do yoga and meditation in the morning. My trainer used to come for the workout, now I do without him. Now the helpers can’t come and go. The one who is there with me can’t go out. So I don’t give him too much trouble. I washed my own clothes, did jhadu-pojha too. I also watered the plants in the balcony. You feel very independent and you feel very nice that you can do everything and don’t need a servant. I also water the plants on the terrace. The cook is at home so that’s not a problem.”

She further added, “All that I said is done in the morning time. When the afternoon session starts, you don’t know what to do till lunch. I am fond of learning music but the person who would be teaching me won’t be here so I am thinking of making a video call to him and learning from him on the phone.”

In videos shared from the Janta Curfew on March 22, Hema was seen blowing a conch with all her enthusiasm. When asked about her newfound talent, Hema told Radio Nasha’s RJ Anmol over the phone, “Esha’s (Deol) father-in-law is an expert in playing the conch. I called him to ask how to play it. He said ‘it’s very easy, just blow in it like the kids do’. I tried doing it and was so happy I could do it. I began playing it right at 5pm.”