Jasleen Matharu gets married to singer Anup Jalota?

A wedding picture of ‘Bigg Boss 12’ contestant Jasleen Mathura with veteran singer Anup Jalota is doing the round on net. The picture showed Jasleen and Anup Jalota dressed as a bride a groom. Jasleen donned a pink shining outfit with stunning ornaments while the singer was dressed in cream colour sherwani teamed with a shawl and a pagdi.

Her fans reacted and wanted to know more; one quizzed: “What is this?” Another wrote: “Married?” Another fan noted: “Its movie shooting piks Woh meri Student hay (It is from the shoot of a film, Woh Meri Student Hai)”.

In 2018, when Jasleen and Anup Jalota entered ‘Bigg Boss 12’ their controversial affair surfaced on net. The couple entered the show as Vichitra Jodi. Anup Jalota and Jasleen’s affair stunned everyone.

It was buzzed that the couple has been dating for 3.5 years and kept it a secret, however it was also revealed that Jasleen was pregnant with Anup Jalota’s child and got it aborted. A model named Aneesha Singh, who is Anup's friend in interview to IndiaScoops.com had revealed that Jasleen was apparently pregnant with his child last year and got it aborted.

When their love affair did much hullaballoo, they clarified that it was only a student and teacher relationship.

In?July 2020, Jasleen had revealed that she was dating Bhopal-based doctor Dr Abhijit Gupta. In an interview with India Today, she was introduced to Abhijit by Anup and that they dated each other virtually for three months before they met. She was quoted as saying: “Anup ji introduced me to Abhinit. Anup ji and Abhinit’s father are friends. I was in Bhopal and back recently after staying there for 15 days. I met Abhinit and his family. We spent a good time in Bhopal. We could not go around much due to the lockdown but we had a lovely time. This was our first meeting but we’ve been talking over calls and video calls for three months. We even shot for a song in Bhopal.”

But their relationship was short-lived and she confirmed in an interview that they have broken up as their kundlis (horoscopes) did not match. She was quoted as saying: “Yes, our marriage will not happen.” She elaborated, “Well, to begin with, our kundlis did not match. My parents believe a lot in kundlis. I would never go against their wishes and set up a marital home of my own without their blessings. I don’t want to put them under any stress. Secondly, I realised along the way that our temperaments too did not match. Add to this that his divorce is still a long way off. So that didn’t help either. All said and done, it was just not adding up. Let’s say, we were not meant for each other.”