Kareena is due around 15th February, confirms dad Randhir Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor Khan, who is expecting her second child with husband Saif Ali Khan is due around February 15 and it is confirmed by none other than Kareena’s father and veteran actor Randhir Kapoor.

He told the portal, "She is due around 15th February."

The mommy-to-be said, "I guess I am more prepared and confident this time around. I was quite nervous and jittery since I was going to turn a mother for the first time."

Saif Ali Khan will be taking paternity leave. Saif Ali Khan told Elle, "Who wants to work when you have a newborn at home! If you don’t see your children growing up, you’re making a mistake. And I can take time off from work—it’s a privileged position. Rather than follow a 9-to-5 routine, I live like an actor. Your dharma and approach to everything are based on your career." 

In an interview, Bebo revealed how she broke the news of second pregnancy to Saif. She told Zoom, “Unfortunately in my house there is nothing filmy as such. Because Saif is very normal and relaxed. Of course, he is always happy to hear it. So like I said, it wasn’t planned but it was something we really wanted to celebrate and we are really enjoying it together.”

Bebo is working differently during her second pregnancy. During her first pregnancy, she ate a lot to gain weight but this time she preferred to eat healthy and stick to the basics.

Bebo said that she is now focused on getting “the right amount of nutrition through grains and vegetables.” She said, “Women have a lot of cravings when they are pregnant, but I realised that I must eat for myself as opposed to eating for two.” She told Mid-Day that when she was pregnant with Taimur, she “tended to believe the myth that an expecting mother should eat for two.”