Kriti Sanon slams media for banging on car at Sushant’s funeral

Kriti Sanon attended the funeral of Sushant Singh Rajput. She slammed media for banging on her car window when she arrived at the crematorium.

“Some MEDIA people have completely lost their motive and sensitivity.. At a time like this, all they do is ask you to come live or give a comment! Like really??! Banging the car window and saying “madam sheesha neeche karo no” to get a clearer picture of someone going for a funeral...Funeral is a very private and personal affair.. Lets put Humanity before our profession! 1 request media to either not be present there or at least maintain some dignity and distance. Behind the starry glitter and the so-called glamour, we are normal human beings with the same feelings as you have.. Don’t forget that,” she said.

On Tuesday, Kriti had shared a post dedicated to Sushant. “Sush.. I knew that your brilliant mind was your best friend and your worst enemy.. but it has broken me completely to know that you had a moment in your life where Dying felt easier or better than Living,” she wrote in her post. She worked with Sushant in Raabta.

Earlier, Kriti’s sister Nupur had come to her defence against trolls targeting the actor for not publicly reacting to Sushant’s death. “Everybody has suddenly started talking about mental health on social media since yesterday...and then we have people harassing people who are actually in a state of shock, who are hurt, who are grieving sending them disgusting tweets, msgs, comments for not posting on lnstagram !! ‘You are so heartless’ ‘ek post tak nahi daala’ ‘Tum logo ne ek reaction nahi diya kitne pathar dil ho tum’ These are the comments and msgs we are constantly getting !! Aap ki permission ho toh sukoon se ro sakte hain?? Please,” Nupur wrote.