Rakul Preet Singh trolled for buying alcohol, actress hits back

Southern sensation Rakul Preet Singh trashes the report of buying alcohol amid lockdown. A picture of the actress is being circulated on net which showed her holding few items in hand. Netizens assumed it as alcohol and started trolling Rakul for buying alcohol.

The photo showed her wearing T-shirt, dark pants and orange sneakers. She also has a mask on her mouth and is seen carrying a few items in her hands, rushing to her car. 

“What was @Rakulpreet buying during the #lockdown? She was buying alchohol?,” read a tweet by @KRKBoxOffice. 

Dismissing the report, Rakul replied, “Oh wow ! I wasn’t aware that medical stores were selling alcohol.”

However, Rakul’s fans asked her to ignore the haters. “Why bother answering detractors @Rakulpreet. This is invasion of your privacy by making a video and putting it online. Ignore it and move on,” wrote one.

 “Then Waht : if she’s buying alcohol I too ? Why typecast the things ! She’s too normal human beings with her right to choose , what to eat or drink,” read a tweet.

Rakul Preet Singh is accustomed to online trolling. She never silently digest the trolls but everytime hits back very strongly.

“I had woken up to that post and I just couldn’t hold myself from replying. It was the girl Rakul who replied and not the actor Rakul. I feel there’s so much negativity and hatred in this world. Now, I’ve come to a point that there’s a certain section of the society that you can’t do anything about.”

She further added that she will not sit quietly if someone takes a jibe at her or her family personally. “I’m open to criticism, but I do get affected when someone attacks me personally or my family. That’s something I’ll not be okay with. Otherwise, I don’t really care because they are faceless people who write things to seek importance, and I really don’t have the time for that,” she said.