Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma leave for England with daughter Vamika

Cricketer Virat Kohli and his actress wife Anushka Sharma has left for England for nearly four-month-long cricketing tour.

In a photo shared by Viral Bhayani, Kohli and Anushka can be seen stepping out of a bus and the actress was carrying baby Vamika and pulling a trolley bag.

Photographer Viral Bhayani tweeted, “The entire Indian team along with the ladies team are on their way to England for their next tournament. All the cricketers were snapped with with their spouse and kids as they all arrived in a common bus abd not their individual cars. #viratkohli #anushkasharma”.

The couple are twinned in black and wearing mask. Vanika’s face is covered.

In a recent chat, Virat refused instantly to share a glimpse of his daughter. "Vamika is another name for Goddess Durga. No we have decided as a couple to not expose our child to social media before she has an understanding of what social media is and can make her own choice." Kohli said in his response.

Earlier, in an interview with Vogue India, the cricketer was asked about engaging their child on social media, Anushka had said, "We’ve thought about it a lot. We definitely do not want to raise a child in the public eye—we don’t plan on engaging our child in social media. I think it’s a decision your child should be able to take. No kid should be made to be more special than the other. It’s hard enough for adults to deal with it. It’s going to be difficult, but we intend to follow through."